Silent Suffering: The Palestinian Struggle

More than 1,700 children have died in Gaza. Those who do not understand war do not understand politics, religion, country, or flag.

Children and women are the main targets, and the aim is to annihilate the Palestinians.

Bombing kids is NOT self defence. Susan Riggles/CC BY SA 2.0

If they are exterminated, there will be no talented writers among them. No one will write history about genocide, and no movie will be made.

Extermination will not produce warriors, and the wise will not be made. Technology will not be created, and skilled politicians will not emerge.

As much as the Palestinians have lost and have been traumatized in the past seventy years of war, it is a wonder that they are still standing.

I don't think there is any nation braver than them in the present world.

The state of Palestine has no fixed borders on the world map, and the powerful countries of the world do not recognize any country called Palestine.

We are asking them to be humane by dragging them out of their houses! We are telling them to be patient by occupying their land by force! We are teaching them to be civilized!

Europe remains silent on the Palestinian issue. America is silent. The British, who had initiated such a conflict, remain silent. The UN remains silent. The German-French don't talk because they fear the label of "anti-Semitism." Such is our world, humanity!

Even social media won't let you talk about it. Your speech will be restrained. This twenty-first century gives such freedom of speech!

Political statements of powerless countries do not work in these crises. Nobody cares. Without power in this cruel world, words have no value.
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